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Video Animation Agency In Switzerland

Swiss IT Hub stands out as Switzerland’s premier 2D and 3D animation agency, providing a wide array of services including animation, graphic design, illustration, and 3D design. Our expertise spans a variety of animation styles, including traditional 2D hand-drawn, innovative cut-out, and engaging stop-motion techniques, ensuring versatility for any project requirement. Whether it’s for compelling product demonstrations, informative explainer videos, captivating commercials, or immersive interactive experiences, our animations are designed to engage audiences on all digital platforms.


Leading Animation Studios

Bring Vision To Your Concept

Leading Video Animation Agency

Engage and mesmerize your audience with the stunning 2D and 3D animations crafted by Swiss IT Hub, your premier animation partner in Switzerland. Our dedicated team of animation experts is committed to producing visually striking content that connects deeply with your audience. From the initial concept to the final product, we collaborate closely with you to turn your vision into a breathtaking animated masterpiece that exceeds expectations.

2D Animation: At Swiss IT Hub, we specialize in a diverse range of 2D animation techniques, from classic hand-drawn styles to modern vector-based animation, tailored to enhance your brand and communicate your message effectively.

3D Animation: Leveraging advanced 3D animation capabilities, we bring to life incredibly realistic characters, environments, and objects, perfect for showcasing your concepts in a fully immersive manner.

Motion Graphics: Our expertise in motion graphics transforms your presentations, infographics, and visual content into dynamic and engaging pieces that convey information with both beauty and precision.

Why Get Your Animation By Us?

A Dedicated Team

Quick Turnaround Time

Customized Video Edits

Customized Strategies

Seamless Integration

Our team collaborates intimately with you, guaranteeing that your animation flawlessly melds with your broader marketing, branding, or educational initiatives, enhancing your strategy’s overall impact.

Technical Expertise

Utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D animation technology, we provide impeccable outcomes, covering everything from character rigging and animation to advanced lighting, rendering, and compositing techniques.

Global Reach

Our expertise in multilingual content and global distribution ensures your animations reach a global audience, enhancing visibility and engagement across international markets.

Our Collaborative Animation Process

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